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Smoothies of strawberries and cherries

Smoothies of strawberries and cherries Ingredients Serves 4 Strawberry 1 cup Cherries 1 cup Milk 1 cup vanilla pinch Print recipe instructions 1. Milk is well cool. 2. Berries Wash and drain the water. Release the cherries from the bones. 3. Fold the berries in the bowl of a blender, pour the milk and whisk […]

Cocktail «Tropical» with coconut milk, banana and mango

Cocktail «Tropical» with coconut milk, banana and mango INGREDIENTS: Table measures 2 cups milk 1 cup coconut milk 1 frozen banana 1 mango 1 small jar of sliced pineapples ice PREPARATION: 1C using a blender to whip until smooth sliced frozen banana, peeled and chopped mango, ice, coconut milk, pineapple and cow’s milk. 2B result […]

Mojito soft

Mojito soft 1. Cut the lime and put into a glass. 2. Add the mint, cane sugar and mash. 3. Add crushed ice and shift the mix in a shaker. Beat. 4. We shift into a glass and fill with Sprite. 5. Decorate the cocktail with lime and mint leaf — ready to drink.

Orange smoothies

Orange smoothies Ingredients 2 servings Carrot 3 pieces Green apples 2 pieces Ginger 1 piece Bananas 2 pieces 1 bunch fresh mint Oranges 1 piece Carrot, apple and ginger make juice in a blender and then mix it with fruit and mint.

Morse buckthorn

Morse buckthorn Ingredients 1 kg of sea buckthorn berries 2.5 L of water The amount of sugar is governed optional Cooking method From the washed berries using a grinder or juicer extract the juice. In the latter case it would have to be separated by hand, using the means at hand (gauze strainer). The remaining […]

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