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Baked figs with nuts and cheese

Baked figs with nuts and cheese For the preparation of baked figs with nuts and cheese you will need: figs — 6 pcs .; goat cheese — 50 g; walnuts — 2 tbsp. l .; salt, a mixture of peppers; balsamic vinegar. Cut figs in half, but not until the end. Gently pull out the […]

Chicken sausage-rolls with dried apricots You will need: Breasts of chicken fillets — 4 pcs. large Salt and spices — to taste Dried apricots — 4-5 pcs. to roll Sage — 2-3 leaf on roll Bitter pepper — 3-4 ring on roll How to cook: 1. Apricots soak hot water, rinse, drain the water, dried […]

Risotto with mushrooms

Risotto with mushrooms Ingredients Serves 4 Arborio rice 300 g Butter 100g Onions 1 head Dry white wine 200ml Chicken broth 1 liter Mushrooms 300 g Salt to taste Saffron pinch Print the recipe instructions 1. Finely chop onion and fry in a skillet in butter until then, until the onion starts to smell fried, […]

Charlotte without eggs

Charlotte without eggs We need: 1 cup flour 1 cup semolina 1 cup of sugar 1 cup yogurt 0.5 cups of melted butter or oil. salt 1 teaspoon baking soda vanilla Sour apples, 3-5 pieces depending on how you prefer Cut apples rather large pieces, pour into a greased form. Mix the sifted flour with […]


Zrazy WITH MUSHROOMS Ingredients. For a potato dough. ● 5-7 medium potatoes; ● 1 egg; ● Pinch of salt, ground black pepper — to taste; ● 4 tablespoons flour + on obvalivanie. For the mushroom filling: ● 150 grams of fresh mushrooms; ● 1 small clove; ● Salt and pepper; ● Sunflower oil for frying. […]

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