Sochniki childhood

Sochniki childhood
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Butter (softened) 70 g.
Sour cream 4 tablespoons
Flour 2-2.5 Art.
Sugar ½ st.
pinch salt
Egg 1 pc.
Soda ¼ tsp
— For filling:
Cottage cheese and curd 170 gr.
2 tablespoons sugar
Sour cream 1 tablespoon
Egg white 1 pc.
1 tablespoon flour
Egg yolk 1 pc.
1. Mix together the sour cream, sugar and salt, mix well, then add the egg and beat mikserom.Razmyagchennoe butter combine with sour cream and egg mass.
2. Add the sifted flour and knead the dough. If necessary, add a little more flour.
3. Roll out the dough in a layer of 7-8 mm thickness.
4. Cut roundels, a diameter of about 10-12 cm.
5. Filling: Beat the protein with sugar, add the frayed cottage cheese, sour cream and flour. On the test put half a teaspoon of curd filling, combine half so that it was visible.
6. Put on baking paper, greased.
7. Grease sochniki yolk beaten with 1 tbsp of warm water. Bake for about 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 220-230 degrees.

Yoghurt cake with prunes

Yoghurt cake with prunes

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1 cup of drinking yoghurt, can be any flavor, I took with peach flavor
3 pcs. eggs
2-3 tbsp. spoons of sugar (it does not need a lot, because the sweet yogurt)
1.5 cups flour
40 gr. butter (melted)
2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil
1 h. Spoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt
1 packet of vanilla sugar
100 gr. pitted prunes
100 gr. raisins


Preheat oven to 180 gradusov.Formu cake pan or small molds greased cream maslom.Suhofrukty pour boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain the water with them and dry on a napkin, to shift into a bowl and mix with a pinch of flour.
Separate the whites from zheltkov.V bowl, beat the egg yolks until white with sugar, vanilla, salt and continue whisking pour vegetable oil and melted butter, add a loan yogurt, stir, add the sifted flour and baking powder, stir to avoid lumps, add the prunes and raisins.

Separately, whip the whites into the batter mix strong penu.Akkuratno proteins until smooth, pour the mixture into the mold.

Bake until golden brown, check the readiness of wooden shpazhkoy.Gotovy cupcake flipped on the grille, gently lift the bottom and rim shapes to cool completely.
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Solyanka with sausage

Solyanka with sausage

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● 3 liters of water,
● 200g half-smoked and cooked sausage,
● 10 olives b / c,
● 5 potato tubers,
● 2 slices of lemon,
● pickled cucumbers and tomatoes,
● 1 onion,
● peppers, peas, herbs, spices, and salt.


Water bring to a boil, salt the, put the potatoes, diced. Bow with chopped tomatoes to fry in a pan. Sausage cut into strips and along with the onion and tomato zazharki put into the soup. Olives, spices and chopped herbs to put in a hodgepodge 10 minutes before it is ready. When applying to each plate put on ¼ lemon slices.
Any recipe for meat soups can slightly modify to your taste. For example, in this version it is possible to add other meat products — beef or boiled pork, smoked meat or chicken, hunting sausages, potatoes and rice can be replaced, which is put into the soup in the beginning, and before it is soaked in cold water for 2-3 hours.

Salad «Corrida«

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● Tomatoes (3 — 4 pcs.)
● garlic (2 cloves)
● Crab sticks (1 pack.)
● Mayonnaise
● Canned corn (1 bank)
● Cheese (any other than durum) — 200 gr.

1 layer.
Tomatoes (3 — 4 pcs.). This salad choose good tomatoes, you can take a cherry (400g). Cut into small cubes, salt, add the grated garlic (2 cloves) and merge with tomato juice (this is mandatory, we do not need the lower moist layer). We put tomatoes in the form a thin layer of oil the mayonnaise.
2 layer.
Crab sticks (1 pack.) Cut, put on the tomatoes. Mayonnaise.
3 layer.
Canned corn (1 bank). Mayonnaise.
4 layer.
Cheese (any other than durum) — 200 gr. Three cheese, laid on corn, lubricates
mayonnaise and decorate with croutons.


«Salad» according to the Moscow restaurant mid-20s of the 20th century:

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6 potatoes,
2 onions,
3 medium sized carrots,
2 pickled cucumbers,
1 apple,
200 grams of boiled meat of poultry,
1 cup green peas,
3 boiled eggs,
half a cup of olive mayonnaise,
salt and pepper to taste.

Vegetables take a medium-sized, fresh. All the ingredients are cut into small and very precisely into equal pieces. Potatoes and carrots, boil, peel, cut everything, mix and season with mayonnaise, top to decorate with parsley and slices of apple.

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